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Looking for a suitable employee? Permanently or temporarily? Alertec mediates in supply and demand of motivated and flexible staff. That way, you have the right employee(s) at any point in time. Our knowledge and efficient approach will save you time and money. 

Our method

Alertec stands for personalised service, specialisation, experience and customisation. Our method is characterised by listening carefully and having a keen insight. All our advisors are specialists and understand exactly what you need.

Flexible and accurate

Alertec works flexibly and accurately. For instance, you can employ Alertec staff through various types of contracts: temporary project support, payrolling and permanent employment. Even immediate acquisition is possible! 

Skilled workers from abroad

In case of a shortage of skilled workers in The Netherlands, there is a possibility to hire skilled workers from Poland, Germany and/or Portugal through us. Several employers already make use of this service.  

Temporary Deployment

As an employer, you only have one interest, and that is your corporate interest. This can only be ensured by well trained and motivated staff. Alertec employment agency recruits and selects the right staff for you. In addition, Alertec takes care of the entire personnel administration and payment of the salaries. Of course we also inform, coach and evaluate all of our agency workers. Personal contact is key in this process – not only when it comes to our agency workers, but also in communicating with you. Alertec delivers customised solutions for flexible work. In order to be able to serve you – and keep serving you – as well and as completely as possible, we will ask you for your observations and experiences on a regular basis. That way, you can continue to focus on your core business. We take care of the rest.

The benefits of Alertec

  • Guaranteed continuity.
  • Ensured quality.
  • Quick filling of a vacancy.
  • You will continue to focus on your core business.


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